Preschool and Kindergarten Bundles 2021

Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Bundles

The Best Learning Resources at Your Fingertips

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Stop searching for the best educational activities. We have them!

  • Hands-on activities for children 3-7 years old created by experienced teachers that are fun and exciting
  • Easily reach your educational goals with resources and printables that children love
  • Meet children where they are at with materials for differentiated instruction
  • Just print from your home or work, and you're set to go in minutes!

All the resources you need...two easy bundles!


Learning has never been so fun!

Print, Prep, and Go!

Choose the preschool or kindergarten bundle or get them both for an even bigger discount!

  • Learning centers 
  • Busy bins
  • Expert e-books
  • Lesson plans
  • Alphabet and literacy centers
  • Gross motor and movement activities
  • Nursery rhymes and songs
  • Writing Practice
  • Activity mats
  • Circle time games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fine motor strengthening
  • Puzzles
  • Play filled printables
  • Themed activity packs
  • Games and more
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 Are you feeling overwhelmed about everything that your child or class needs to learn this year?

There is a way to plan smarter, not harder

We did the hard work for you! Quickly find high-quality lesson plans, engaging activities that teach, and resources that thousands of children have loved.

The Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Bundles will give back your time and your sanity.  

You'll be able to rest easy and can watch your favorite Netflix series guilt-free!

PLUS, you will SAVE a ton of money on these low prep and no prep resources!

Imagine going to bed each night knowing that you have all the resources you need, month after month.

Save Time AND Make Learning Fun This Year!

Get Everything in One Amazing Bundle!

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Print Instantly on Your Printer at Home or at Work

The Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Bundles Have it All!

Alphabet and Literacy  

Math and Counting 

Fine Motor and Gross Motor 


Social Emotional Learning

Arts and Crafts and more!

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Activities that are Tried and True!

Teachers and Parents are Raving about These Activities!

“My kiddos love carpet games. This is such a great resource and I love that everything is organized and so convenient. I can pull these games quickly to use during our morning meeting time. This is also an easy resource for the kiddos to use independently during small groups as well.”

Blends and Digraphs Carpet Games
Kindergarten Bundle

“The variety of activities within this pack is awesome.  My students have benefited greatly by the use of this resource.”

Number Centers and Activities
Preschool Bundle

"My students loved these activities. I used these activities for our math centers and they were so engaging. I like that there is a variety of activities included - group and individual. This was simple to prep for my students and easy to teach. Thank you for such a great resource. We had so much fun reviewing in our centers."

Comparing Numbers
Kindergarten Bundle

Imagine This:

  • Addressing so many skills and learning domains
  • Engaging EVERY student with hands-on activities for their specific abilities and interests.
  • Implementing in minutes with low-prep, easy to set up activities.
  • Add more tools to your toolbox for remote teaching.
  • Meeting the needs of children at all skill levels.

What Makes the Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten BUNDLES So Awesome?


Teach children the skills they need to learn and succeed!

  • Important pre-reading and reading skills
  • Foundational math and number sense skills
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Fun and engaging pre-writing and writing skills
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preschool bundle

What's in the Ultimate Preschool Bundle?

Click the Sample Preschool Activities Below to Take a Closer Look

Preschool Resources Designed to Save You Time

kindergarten bundle

What's in the Ultimate Kindergarten Bundle?

Click the Sample Activities Below to Take a Look at the Ultimate Kindergarten Bundle

Kindergarten Resources Designed to Save You Time

Back to School Fine Motor Bins & Gross Motor Games

Nicole Franklin - Modern Preschool

 "I bought this originally to have some busy bins for my 4k students to work on in the mornings, but I have found that they are great for a wide variety of activities! I love these and my students enjoy them too. I don't think they realize they are learning and developing their fine motor skills at the same time. Thanks!"

Number Books

Nadia Tayob - Fun With Mama

"We do this at the beginning of the year before we start our curriculum. We do it together. I plan to use it in centers.  There are multiple pages with each number, which is awesome for independent work!"

Fall Story Sequencing Hats

Heather Hibbetts - Books and Giggles

"My students love the story 'Room on the Broom' and loved creating this hat to go with it. They wore their hats home with pride and parents commented that it prompted much discussion about the story which is exactly what we hope for. Thanks so much."

Addition to 10 - Mega Bundle

Kim Staten - LIfe Over C's

"These centers are GREAT practice for kids, very comprehensive practice, and easily set up in your classroom!  Definitely worth the buy!"

Five Senses

Jennifer Hamilton - A Dab of Glue Will Do

Loved this unit! My classes were engaged and excited every day. The smell experiment was their favorite. Great slides, this was the primary base for my entire unit. Loved it!”

Dinosaur Pattern Block Mats

Sam Thomason - Simple Everyday Mom

I have a class of 16 wild kiddos, mostly boys... they loved these puzzles and asked if we could play with them again tomorrow! I laminated the sheets to make them last longer! There are so many ways to use these amazing sheets!”

The Preschool and Kindergarten Bundle has it All!

Literacy and Math Centers


Lesson Plans

Movement Activities

Learning Printables

Circle Time Activities

And so much more!



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These must-have resources by your favorite preschool and kindergarten authors will help you teach:

  • Phonics, letter identification, pre-reading and reading
  • Number recognition, measurement, sorting, addition, and subtraction
  • Observation, exploration, and problem solving
  • Kindness, following directions, and social emotional learning
  • Creativity and confidence

The Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Bundles are a treasure chest of resources!

Are You Ready for Amazing

Preschool and Kindergarten Resources and Activities?

Alphabet Letter Puzzles

Danielle Buckley - Fun Learning for Kids

My students love doing these puzzles and naming the pictures.”

Animal Habitat Flashlight Cards

Amber Mathison - From ABCs to ACTs

"I cover different habitats based on the unit we are learning at the time, so these get used all year long. My students love looking at the animals that appear when they turn on the flashlight. SO much fun - did I mention FLASHLIGHTS?"

The King of Kindergaten Book Dive

Jodie Rodriguez - Growing Book by Book

"My students loved our first week of school using these activities.  And, I loved that it included a family letter for me to send home with my kindergarteners."

Circle Time Birds Unit for Preschoolers

Jamie White - Play to Learn Preschool

“I love these circle time units! My kids love these circle time units! I love how everything is laid out with a focus each day with pictures, songs, and different activities. It makes it so much easier to plan my lessons!”

Created By:

Preschool and Elementary Teachers

Reading Specialists

Montessori Certified Teachers

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Homeschool Parents

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Save time with the best preschool and kindergarten resources!

50+ Resources Combined

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Bottom line, even if you own four items already in the bundle, you’re getting 50 more activity packs for only $34.

It’s still an awesome deal!

The printables in this bundle are designed for English-speakers. However, there are many resources included that do not have any words on them and could be used in any language.