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My kiddos love carpet games. This is such a great resource and I love that everything is organized and so convenient. I can pull these games quickly to use during our morning meeting time. This is also an easy resource for the kiddos to use independently during small groups as well.” 

Blends _ Digraphs Carpet Games

Blends & Digraphs Carpet Games

Created by: Jamie White - Play to Learn Preschool

Skills: Letter sounds

These Blends & Digraphs carpet games for circle time are a quick and fun way for preschoolers to practice letter identification, blend and digraph sound awareness, vocabulary, and oral language. Includes 15 hide & find carpet games!

"My students loved our first week of school using these activities.  And, I loved that it included a family letter for me to send home with my kindergarteners."

BOOK DIVE for The King of Kindergarten

The King of Kindergarten Book Dive

Created By: Jodie Rodriguez, MAT, MEA, and Reading Specialist - Growing Book by Book

Skills: Phonological awareness (beginning sounds), Vocabulary development, Comprehension (imagery), Oral communication, Fine motor development, and Letter recognition

After reading The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes (not included), dive deep into the book with these hands-on activities to build skills.

Great for homeschool, remote teaching, or the classroom!

Love these books. My kids love them and it's so easy to match the sight words they are learning to great, easy texts with fantastic illustrations.”

Sight Word Readers - Primer 1

Sight Word Readers for Kindergarten

Created By: Angela Thayer - Teaching Mama

Skills: Sight words

Sight Word Readers for Kindergarten will not only help students learn sight words, but also give them confidence with reading! These booklets focus on 26 sight words from the Dolch Primer list. They are all in black and white, which is great for printing and allows students to color the pictures. Teachers and homeschool parents will find these booklets to be an easy and successful way to practice reading sight words.

Easy to use.”

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction Unit (Ten Frame Based)

Created By: Sarah Punkoney, MAT - Stay At Home Educator

Skills: Addition and Subtraction

This preschool math unit includes everything you need to teach addition and subtraction in preschool math! It gives you the lesson plans and the centers, as well as smaller daily math activities to keep your students learning. From composing and decomposing ten on a ten frame to building simplified number sentences, these preschool math lesson plans will give any preschooler a strong foundation in addition and subtraction.

"These centers are GREAT practice for kids, very comprehensive practice, and easily set up in your classroom!  Definitely worth the buy!"


Addition to 10 Mega Bundle

Created By: Kim Staten - Life Over C’s

Skills: Addition

WOW! 20+ Hands-on Addition to 10 activities for your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten math centers. Get every child excited to learn about addition with a wide variety of engaging activities. All activities are provided in both color and black/white, so that you can enjoy this pack no matter what your printing abilities are.

"The real life pictures helped my student relate it to his day."


Indoor Recess Social Story

Created By: Dyan Robson - And Next Comes L

Skills: Social skills

A beautiful social story with full color photos that will help kids comfortably ease back into school routines.

It was easy to prepare the materials for this resource. This resource provided an opportunity to discuss current events. I also found it useful in teaching proper hand washing and hygiene.”


Germs and Hygiene Pack

Created By: Anastasia Rehbein - Montessori Nature

Skills: Reading, Practical life, Sequencing

This resource explains the mechanisms behind common illnesses like cold and flu caused by viruses. It was created to help to prevent the spread of germs and encourage students to make daily choices that can potentially minimize their chances of catching and spreading a cold, flu, or other virus and bacteria-borne diseases.

"LOVE this resource.  Lots of variety and easy for students to use independently at centers."

Magnetic Letters 1000

Magnetic Letter Alphabet Sorting Mats

Created By: Shaunna Evans and Mary Catherine Tatoy - Preschool Teacher 101

Skills: Letter recognition, name recognition, sight words, and color recognition

Help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn the alphabet, name recognition, sight words and more with this magnetic letter sorting pack.

This magnetic letter sorting set will give kids the opportunity to: Recognize distinguishing features of letters, sort by letter, work on name recognition, work with sight words, work on color recognition

This 311-page set includes: large sorting sheets, small sorting sheets, sorting cards, printable letters

"Just purchased my binder. I'm so thrilled! I showed my aunt who is a veteran (retired) teacher and she was very impressed. I am a happy homeschool mom.”

Alphabet Binder KAB

Preschool Alphabet Binder

Created By: Amy Nielson - Planning Playtime

Skills: Letter Recognition, letter formation

Play to learn the alphabet with this fun Grab and Go Preschool Alphabet Binder.

It's super easy for you and a blast for the kids. Just print and slide the pages into a binder for ready-to-go, hands-on learning fun.

 "I used this with my own children (6 and 3 yrs old) and plan to use it with my students when back in the classroom.  The messages are important topics and the material is appropriately written."


Kindness Emergent Readers Bundle

Created By: Nicole Black - Coffee and Carpool and Raising Kind Kids

Skills: SEL, Character education, Reading, Sight words, writing, Discussion starters

This Kindness Emergent Reader Bundle Set is a great way to introduce students to character education and social-emotional curriculum with simple vocabulary and beginning sight words while also working towards state standards. Students can read and write about how and why they should speak and act with kindness at school and at home with 18 sel topics that come with student books in black and white and color, writing prompts, and discussion starters.

LOVE these!!! I am bringing them out in Speech when the kids work on Life Cycles in class. It is helping vocabulary SO MUCH!!”

Life Cycle Activities Thumbnail

Life Cycle Activities Life Cycle Wheel Craft

Created By: Jenette O'Rourke - Primary Playground

Skills: Life cycles of animals, Seeds and insects, Fine motor skills, Sequencing

This life cycle activities life cycle wheel craft is a fun hands-on activity to help reinforce learning about life cycles. Included in this bundle are 3 variations of life cycle activities.

“Absolutely love this resource!!!! My kids loved the variety of songs that we had to choose from.”

Songs Cover Preview

Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

Created by: Katie T. Christiansen and Karalee Sartin - Preschool Inspirations

Skills: Literacy, oral language, rhyming, rhythm

Bring your favorite songs, chants, nursery rhymes and fingerplays to life during circle time with these song cards and song sticks. They are perfect songs for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and any child who loves to sing.

I love this as I am usually online looking for things to do with my daughter who is in Pre-K now. Thanks for sharing.”

my family mega pack

My Family Mega Pack

Created By: Alecia Francois - No Stress Homeschooling

Skills: Beginning sounds, Scrapbook, Letter writing, Matching

Are you currently doing the “my family” theme in your homeschool or preschool? You kids will definitely love this pack! This pack has 5 sections: Beginning Sounds Clip Cards (with Answer Key), Writing Worksheets, Matching Cards, Preschool Letter Worksheets, and a Scrapbook.

“This handbook is great for kids struggling with behavior, emotional grounding issues, anxiety and other learning challenges.”


Rewiring the Brain Handbook

Created By: Meagan Forsgren - Integrated Learning Strategies

Skills: Fine motor skills, emotional development, writing strokes and pre-writing skills

Our Rewiring the Brain handbook not only helps with handwriting development, but can "awaken" the brain for better emotional development in children through handwriting strokes.

Great activity to practice letter formation. So excited to use this summer as a review of letters before starting kindergarten!” 


Bugs (Insects) Writing Center

Created By: Karen Cox - Prekinders

Skills: Writing

Engaging and hands-on Bug Writing Center activities for Pre-K and Kinder. Add these 9 printable writing activities to your center during your Bugs Theme. Set Includes: Write the Room, Surveys, Letter Formation Cards, Writing Paper & Book Covers, Grab & Write Game, Roll & Write, Writing Board Game, & More!

"Very cute! I love this. Kids loved it!!!!  Well worth the cost!!!!"

Preschool Send Home Centers

Send Home Centers - First Quarter

Created By: Jennifer Kadar - Simply Kinder

Skills: Alphabet, sounds, Counting, Addition

Send Home Centers are print and play games to send home as homework. They contain the games and directions for families on how to prep them and play them. Send them home each week and they will grow a library of relevant games for their students to play at home.This is our first quarter set including School, Apples, and Pumpkin themes. Each theme contains a variety of reading and math centers as well as a variety of skill levels so you can easily differentiate and use them throughout the school year.

Animal Body Coverings Activities Pack store product image

Animal Body Coverings Activities Pack

Created By: Katie Stokes, M.Ed., Ph.D. - Gift of Curiosity

Skills: Zoology/biology, Classification, Sorting, Understanding the main body coverings that animals have (fur/hair/wool, features, moist skin, scales, and shells)

The Animal Body Coverings Activities Pack teaches children to recognize five different types of animal body coverings: fur/hair/wool, feathers, moist skin, scales, and shells. This pack includes factual information about body coverings for the parent or teacher, plus six different activities for kids to engage in to learn about body coverings and the kinds of animals that have each type.

Loved this unit! My classes were engaged and excited every day. The smell experiment was their favorite. Great slides, this was the primary base for my entire unit. Loved it!”

Five Senses Science Unit

Five Senses Science Unit

Created By: Jennifer Hamilton - A Dab of Glue Will Do

Skills: Identify and name the functions of the 5 senses, Use senses to gather information, Compare senses

Engage your class in a fun, hands on experience learning all about the five senses! This is a perfect science unit for Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms and is packed full of five senses activities to keep your students engaged. Students will learn about their five senses through poems, make your own five senses books, PowerPoint presentations, a five senses sort, and 5 senses worksheets. This pack is great for homeschool and includes week-long science lesson plans.

Extremely beneficial to my students as the visual monsters really help my pupils recall the high frequency words.”


ABC See, Hear, Do Sight Words Giant Flashcards

Created By: Stefanie Hohl - ABC See, Hear, Do

Skills: Sight words

The ABC See, Hear, Do Sight Word Giant Flashcards are exclusive 8.5x11 printable flashcards of each word page in the book ABC See, Hear, Do 6: Learn to Read Sight Words. These are great for learning games at home or in the classroom! The printable includes 24 sight words with monsters and actions to help children learn in a fun and playful way.

The Preschool Alphabet Packet is phenomenal because it is a great learning tool to explore the individual letters of the alphabet. I am an ECE for over forty years, operating my own preschool for forty years. I am an early literacy specialist and have advocated for the importance of teaching the sounds/phonemes to young children. Angela’s Alphabet Packet as well as her Alphabet Formation Rhymes are exceptional…so creative and Fun…Fun…Fun! I highly recommend these as great resources for every child to experience! It makes me so ecstatic to have these wonderful additions to my resources.”


Preschool Alphabet Packet

Created By: Angela Thayer - Teaching Mama

Skills: Letter recognition, counting, tracing, scissors, colors, patterns, finding differences, ordering by size, letter sounds, lacing, matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters, and shapes

Learning alphabet letters is very important during the preschool years.  Children learn best when they have many experiences with letters. Each letter has 7-10 pages of activities focused on the letter and preschool skills.

"My class loves these yoga cards. They ask for them daily and some even choose to do them during free choice centers!"


Yoga Cards and Posters

Created by: Katie T. Christiansen - Preschool Inspirations

Skills: Yoga, Mindfulness, Gross motor

Use these yoga cards and yoga posters to help teach yoga poses to kids. Use these to teach mindfulness and for important gross motor skills. These are perfect for a calming corner or safe spot.

"This has great beginning of the year resources! Good for small groups and centers."


Back to School Literacy & Math Centers

Created By: Nicole Franklin - Modern Preschool

Skills: Early literacy and Math skills

Make planning for the beginning of the school year less stressful with our Back to School Literacy & Math Centers. These printable learning centers will keep learning hands-on in fun, engaging ways! This set includes 13 printable learning centers that have options to be adapted to use with multiple learning levels in your classroom. These centers were created with Pre-K and kinder teachers in mind -- easy to prep and fun to play!

"My students loved these activities. I used these activities for our math centers and they were so engaging. I like that there is a variety of activities included - group and individual. This was simple to prep for my students and easy to teach. Thank you for such a great resource. We had so much fun reviewing in our centers."

Comparing Numbers TpT

Comparing Numbers

Created By: Danielle Buckley - Fun Learning for Kids

Skills: Comparing numbers

This comparing numbers math pack is perfect for your Kindergarten math centers. It includes 15 fun, hands-on math activities and games that will keep your students engaged while learning so much about comparing numbers! The activities come in color AND black and white. All of them include visual instructions for your students and many of them include recording sheets as well.

"Perfect for teaching sight words!  Easy to use, great for students to do.”


Sight Word Detectives Kindergarten Words

Created By: Nadia Tayob - Fun with Mama

Skills: Sight words

The Kindergarten Sight Words worksheets pack includes simple print and go worksheets and activities for high frequency sight words. The pack includes worksheets, flashcards and sight word lists.

I love the challenge of the initial sound, writing the sound and blending the word at the end. Thanks!”

Secret CVC Words BUNDLE

Secret CVC Words Bundle

Created By: Amber Mathison - From ABCs to ACTs

Skills: CVC words

Crack the code like a real detective with these Secret CVC word cards! Perfect for your literacy center, this bundle includes all 5 sets of Secret CVC words and gives your students the opportunity to decode more than 80 different CVC words. Just run them through your laminator, grab a dry erase marker, and figure out the secret CVC words based on the beginning sounds of the pictures on each card.

I have a class of 16 wild kiddos, mostly boys... they loved these puzzles and asked if we could play with them again tomorrow! I laminated the sheets to make them last longer! There are so many ways to use these amazing sheets!”


Dinosaur Pattern Block Mats

Created By: Sam Thomason - Simple Everyday Mom

Skills: Shapes, Fine motor

Give your kids a fun quiet time activity that reinforces essential math skills with these fun dinosaur pattern block mats.

Awesome resource! So many options for teacher directed or independent centers.”


Subitizing Centers

Created By: Alex John, M.Ed - The Kindergarten Connection

Skills: Subitizing

These subitizing centers are perfect for building number sense and mathematical fluency. Subitizing allows students to recognize how many objects are in a set without counting, and this fun pack of centers and activities will help them practice counting on, combining sets, and recognizing number patterns to 20.

These are absolutely adorable. So many resources included! Love it! Thank you."

nursery rhymes main_

Teaching with Nursery Rhymes

Created By: Tara Holtz - Homeschool Preschool

Skills: Beginning sounds, letter recognition, counting, and more!

Teaching with Nursery Rhymes features ten classic rhymes and focuses on many different skills that are the basic building blocks of early childhood education.

Having this resource at your fingertips will keep your young learners engaged and learning without requiring a lot of time to prepare the activities.

Love these for relaxation and coping tools with the kids on my caseload!”


Deep Breathing Exercise Cards

Created By: Colleen Beck, OTR/L - The OT Toolbox

Skills: Self-regulation, Relaxation, Sensory input, Oral motor skills, Mindfulness, Coping skills, Attention, Mindset

Help kids with coping strategies using themed, practical belly breathing strategies that work. These deep breathing exercise cards include 113 different deep breathing exercises that can be printed and used in therapy, home programs, the classroom or at home.

"My students love the story 'Room on the Broom' and loved creating this hat to go with it. They wore their hats home with pride and parents commented that it prompted much discussion about the story which is exactly what we hope for. Thanks so much."


Fall Story Sequencing Hats

Created By: Heather Hibbetts - Books and Giggles

Skills: Story retelling, Story sequencing

Story sequencing and retelling is so much fun with these printable crowns for fall! This is a mini-bundle of no prep and easy prep hats based on three favorite fall picture books.

"My students love doing these puzzles during workstation time. They are highly engaged. Great resource!"

CVC CVCC Word Puzzles main_square

CVC, CCVC, CVCC Word Puzzle Bundle

Created By: Viviana Florea - Totschooling

Skills: CVC Words

Looking for a fun and motivating way to encourage emergent readers? This set of hands-on puzzles will get your students and children excited about reading CVC, CCVC and CVCC words in order to reveal the mystery images! Each puzzle reveals a mystery picture based on a theme, such as transportation, park, family, beach, camping, farm and more!


ABC Calm Down Cards

Created By: Dyan Robson - And Next Comes L

Skills: Self-regulation, identifying letters of the alphabet, identifying and naming emotions

ABC themed calm down cards that give kids the tools and strategies they need to help them regulate their bodies. Each card features a colorful letter of the alphabet alongside a coping skills suggestion based on that letter.


ABC Worksheets

Created By: Viviana Florea - Totschooling

Skills: Letter recognition, beginning letter sounds, letter formation, handwriting

Your Preschool and Kindergarten kids will learn their alphabet effortlessly with this Ultimate Bundle of alphabet worksheets, including over 400 pages!

These are hands-on, no-prep worksheets for kids to practice all aspects of ABC learning, including: letter recognition, upper and lower case, beginning letter sounds, letter formation, handwriting practice and more!


Alphabet Games and Activities

Created By: Anna Geiger - The Measured Mom

Skills: Letter recognition, fine motor skills, pre-writing skills

Help your learners master letter names with these hands-on alphabet activities! You'll get play dough mats, dot pages, road tracing mats, and a variety of EDITABLE games that are perfect for focusing on just a few letters at a time.

Bonus! The file also includes two intervention activities that are just what you need for helping kids who struggle to remember letters of the alphabet.

Claude Monet bundle

Artist Bundles - Monet and Matisse

Created By: Louise McMullen - Messy Little Monster

Skills: Fine motor, Art

Little artists will love these Henri Matisse and Claude Monet art project packs! Learn some facts about the artists using the biographies and then follow directions to make your own art projects inspired by these famous artists.

Magnatile Alphabet Cards Cover

Magnetic Tiles Alphabet Cards

Created By: Liska Myers - Adventure in a Box

Skills: Letter formation and recognition

A great addition to a literacy corner, these printable cards encourage kids to make letters with Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, and other magnetic tiles.

The cards come in 3 different scales and include both uppercase and lowercase letters.

A fun hands-on way to teach the alphabet to preschoolers and kindergartners who like building!


Montessori Early Childhood Language Bundle

Created By: Marnie Craycroft - Carrots are Orange

Skills: Reading and writing

You’ll receive lifetime access to 100s of language learning pages to bring into your home and classroom covering planning, pre-reading, pink level, blue level, green level, grammar, and additional materials to make your learning environment one of the best out there!


Recess Social Story

Created By: Dyan Robson - And Next Comes L

Skills: Social skills

A beautiful social story with full color photos that will help kids comfortably ease back into school routines.

THEMATIC UNITS Printable square feature image.001

3 Months of Thematic Units

Created By: Kara Carrero - EGP Media and Press, LLC

Skills: Fine motor skills, listening and comprehension, storytelling, following directions, matching and critical application of concepts, letter formation and fluency

3 month thematic unit bundle — a compilation of customer favorites!  You will find the Friends and Family Unit, Pets and Animals Unit, and 6 weeks of book-based literary printable packets.

Finally, you’ll have a planning resource to plan and finish out the entire year based on learning themes!

Includes learning objectives, printable fun, and planning resources.

CVC Words Pink Series Reading Writing Print Montessori Nature

CVC Reading, Writing Cards and Word Puzzles

Created By: Anastasia Rehbein - Montessori Nature

Skills: CVC reading, handwriting, matching

Reading and handwriting practice with CVC phonetic word puzzles, 3-part cards, student booklets, and spelling workmats. Print handwriting and reading practice for each short vowel. Each set contains:

  • Word puzzles with real photographs
  • 3-part cards with real photographs
  • Student booklets for coloring, tracing, and handwriting
  • Initial/last sound and spelling workmats (color and b/w clipart)